How To Stay Motivated During a Training Program

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  • Wednesday, May 25, 2011
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  • Set a Reasonable Goal:
    The first step to any training/diet program is to set a goal for yourself. Say you want to lose 30 pounds. Your goal could be to lose a pound a week by reducing calories by 500 a day.  Remember that weight loss is not always linear so some weeks you may lose more and some weeks you may lose less. Don’t expect to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week consistently unless you are obese. It will be difficult to maintain that rate of weight loss.

    Build a Support Group:
    Tell your family members and close friends about your new program and ask them to support you. You could also join websites and subscribe to fitness blogs to stay motivated and communicate with others who have the same goals as you. 

    Picture Your Goal, Literally:
    If you don’t live alone, chances are you have foods in the fridge that you’re not supposed to be eating on your new diet or exercise plan. It’s really tempting to open the fridge and grab a pudding cup instead of a bag of broccoli. Find an inspirational person whose body you admire and put their picture on your fridge. This serves as a reminder telling you not to cheat if you truly want to look like your goal. 

    Reward Yourself
    Sticking to a routine can get boring and make you want to drive to the nearest fast food restaurant to grab something that could undo your whole week of hard work and dedication. To avoid those moments of weakness, reward yourself once in a while. Eat something you would not normally eat once a week but fit it into your daily calorie intake. Lean cuisine meals are a good choice for just such occasions. If that doesn’t do it for you, check out the nutritional info at your favorite restaurant and pick something that will not cause too much damage!  

    Lose The Excuses
    Nobody said this was going to be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it and looking like a superstar. So stop making excuses. No one can stop you from sticking to your program but you. So lose the excuses and get with the program!

    Get To The Gym
    The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. If you can get there, the rest is easy. How many times have you decided not to go to the gym but dragged yourself there and felt so good afterwards that you said to yourself, “I’m glad I did this”? Enough said.

    Track Your Progress
    Weigh yourself first thing in the morning but only once a week on the same day. Don’t obsess over your scale weight. Sometimes going by the mirror and how your clothes fit are better ways to track your progress, especially if you’re on a lifting program where you could be gaining muscle and losing fat. 

    Pick a Deadline:
    It’s good to have a goal and a deadline at the same time. Sometimes we work better knowing we don’t have all the time in the world to achieve what we want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds but you don’t have a deadline, you’re more likely to cheat knowing you have more time to lose the 30lbs and you’re less likely to stick to your diet.


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